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Kandè | New Single: Fury of War




Fury of War

Διαθέσιμο σε όλες τις πλατφόρμες

Η σαγηνευτική Kandè επιστρέφει με το Fury of War, ένα upbeat, ρομαντικό και με πολύ ωραία vibes τραγούδι, το οποίο συνοδεύεται από ένα dreamy μεταφυσικό music video.

Σ’ έναν φανταστικό κόσμο γεμάτο glitch, όπου ζουν πλάσματα σκοτεινά και μοχθηρά, οι πολεμιστές του γκλίτερ και του φωτός είναι έτοιμοι να δώσουν μια αστραφτερή μάχη με τις super δυνάμεις τους και να επιβιώσουν σ’ ένα παιχνίδι χωρίς quicksave.



You can heal your soul with the button O 

Every day you dance in another show

So do you think that you’re doing the best you can? 


Hit the moment, take your life in your hand

Ignore the omen, don’t leave things to fate

Have you noticed, that the game is on flames

Eyes around me, I’m looking for a safe place


I’m ready to fight with the fury of war

But I’m really in front, I’m alone

Enemies are unstoppable

I hear the bombs, I’m damned


If I ever leave, they will come with me

And if I’m staying here, I will be your shield


And as a warlock, I’ve a pact with you

You won’t find me, I’m invisible

Try to stay strong and hold the line 

While I’m pressing Y for death recap


High, getting high, getting high

High, getting high, getting high

(You can get me high)


I’m ready to fight with the fury of war

But I’m really in front, I’m alone

Enemies are unstoppable

I hear the bombs, I’m damned 


Ooh ooh… Ooh ooh…

Ooh ooh… Ooh ooh…


Fury of War

Released by Mellowsophy Music
Music by Kandè, vernayo, papatanice and Διγενής
Lyrics by Kandè
Arranged & Produced by papatanice and Διγενής
Mixed & Mastered by vernayo
Recorded at Mellowsophy Studios
Camera: Dimitris Drakoulis
Directed by Kandè
Edit and Post by vernayo
Digital AI Environments generated by vernayo
Starring: Ifigeneia Mitsovolea, John Mamolis and Kandè

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